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"No more will nor power to look at this"

There are new witnesses reporting police violence against refugees and migrants, and they are coming from the very Ministry of the Interior. In an anonymous letter sent to the Ombudswoman Lora Vidović, a police officer writes about the violent and illegal practices perpetrated at the border on refugees and migrants. "We have no more will nor power to look at what is being done to these humans", the officer writes. We publish the letter in its entirety.
Refugees in Belgrade, 2017. (Photo: Igor Čoko,

Among the beasts

H-Alter received a letter from a hiker who witnessed police violence against migrants on Risnjak. We publish the letter in its entirety. "When we got to the living room of the hut, I saw an automatic rifle on the table and two special forces officers talking to the home manager. Around 11 in the evening, migrants came. They were asking for water. The officers came out with batons and started to hit them, and one (or more) officers started shooting. In a situation where you have people who ask for water, and on the other side those who respond with gunfire and batons, with the approval of the majority of people present, you really have to wonder if you are in this situation on the side of the people or the beasts",
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Philosophy on YouTube

"One of the great things we can do online is catch people before they get radicalised the wrong way and invite them to get curious about other ideas. The right does a lot of their work in online space, especially YouTube, so we can be there making it harder for them if we do our jobs well," explains Oliver Thorn, the owner and creator of the YouTube channel Philosophy Tube. Twice a month Oliver publishes videos in which he tries to teach philosophy from a socially and politically conscious perspective to almost a quarter of a million subscribers from all around the world.
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"LeftTube is growing a great community"

The slower pace at which LeftTube has been developing is affected by the standard issues of the left – the limits of academia, internal divisions and scepticism towards "alienating" and highly individualised media such as YouTube. LeftTube, which is still evolving, is a good reminder of how the left can pave out a different course of action and be fun at the same time. "Many people do get their news from Facebook and YouTube completely, so sharing information online and working on educating and agitating the masses is important. But we can’t forget organizing", says Mexie, the YouTuber behind the eponymous channel.
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Europe is getting warmer!

An exclusive analysis of over 100 million meteorological data points shows that every major city in Europe is warmer in the 21st century than it was in the 20th. Subarctic regions, Andalusia and southern Romania are most affected.

The future of the city is (in) walking

Giulia Maci, urban planner: "Urban intelligence will no longer be provided by a declining architecture star-system, but rather by emergent networks of alternative practices, community projects and urban NGOs. Where rising populism on the right and the left exploits the grievances of those left behind in the global economy, initiatives and collaborations at the local level are becoming a mechanism to address them head on. Livable streets are in fact exchange places rather than just movement spaces. How will future tourists be able to truly appreciate the city without its inhabitants?"
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Oceans are dying and it’s humans’ fault

After we recently wrote about concerning decline of population of insects and the collapse ecosystem is faced with, scientists have warned about another part of the ecosystem that is stumbling under the burden of human influence. They counted 500 dead zones in the world’s oceans, and the level of oxygen in general in the oceans has declined 2%. "There are also many places around the Mediterranean, including the Adriatic, that have had problems with oxygen decline as a result of high nutrient inputs from agriculture, sewage and burning of fossil fuels", said Denise Breitburg, lead author of the new research published in Science.
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The bankrupt state of Lebanon

Fawwaz Traboulsi, Lebanese historian and author: "Technically Lebanon should be bankrupt but you don't bankrupt it because you can't get anything in return. World Bank has loaded us with a concept which is empty. What is corruption? For them it is a sign that you have an overloaded public sector which you should reduce and a heavy budget which you should reduce. That doesn't change anything in how people benefit from public money. This is why you never get a solution for something called corruption - because it means the corrupt are the politicians, and business is moral".
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Goodbye Transparency!

Cornelia Abel, Regional Coordinator for South East Europe, Turkey and Israel at Transparency International: "From Trump and Putin to Plenković, we see a global tendency of 'shaming' the independent media and declaring wars against them. Just like Trump calls any news that he finds harmful to his rule, so does PM Plenković brand any news questioning his policies and decisions as a 'hybrid war'. Such statements are made typically in controlled societies, including authoritarian regimes, where consolidation of national ranks serves covering up of a multitude of problems, usually economic in nature, for which the ruling elite has no effective solution".
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Colombian prisoners of coal

"We were poor before, but we had rivers, we went fishing, we grew some food and we lived well. Now our children can only see that on TV. The course of the river has been changed, the forest has been cut, and we are prisoners in our own village", explains Hilario Vega, resident of the village of Boqueron in the northeast of Colombia. The whole village has been waiting to be relocated for seven years. The air pollution coming from the coal mines surrounding the village is so severe that it is endangering their lives.