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Warren to Sanders: If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me

Just one day before the January Democratic Debate and with the Iowa Caucus only weeks away, the Warren Campaign pulled a pathetic stunt by having "anonymous sources" report that during a private conversation in 2018, Senator Sanders told Senator Warren that a woman cannot win the presidency. Of course, there's no proof that he said that and anyone with common sense would doubt that the same Senator Sanders who once encouraged Senator Warren to run for president wouldn't suddenly adopt such a misogynistic stance. Of course, common sense and facts don't matter to the bourgeois media.

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A path to the nomination?

As the neoliberal establishment cannabalises itself and Senator Warren bleeds supporters after shooting herself in the foot, it does in fact seem that Senator Sanders could energise the party base, secure the nomination, and establish an intersectional coaliton of working class voters across the country to take the White House in November.